ASP, Associate Safety Professional

ASP Premium Bundle

  1. Attend the Online Workshop (50+ Hours Live Interactive Sessions)
  2. Receive TI-30XS Approved Calculator
  3. UNLIMITED Access to Exam blueprint self assessment
  4. 6 Months of Mentoring by Certified CSP Mentors to support and guide you during you journey.

ASP Basic Bundle

  1. Attend the Online Workshop (50+ Hours Live Interactive Sessions)
  2. One Time Access to Exam blueprint self assessment  (Pre and Post the workshop) (Determine your Strengths and Weakness)

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About Exam Prep. ONLINE WorkshopBecome ASP CSP with Be safe Ltd Exam Prep workshops

Associate Safety Professional (ASP) Examination Preparation Workshop. The ASP Exam is the first step required the two test processes to achieve CSP the gold standard certification for HSE Professionals. During this workshop, you will review hundreds of questions addressing all nine domains covered in the exam blueprint that will guide you toward full competency in the safety field. This computer-based examination consists of 200 questions that examine the candidate’s applied knowledge and the application of experience gained through professional practice.

Download ASP Exam Blueprint Version ASP10

The main objective of the workshop is to provide participants with the necessary context to pass the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) exam administered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP).

Workshop Outcomes:-

Successful completion of the course requirements is expected to result in participants’ increased ability to:

  • Pass the ASP exam.
  • Obtain answers to questions about the examination process.
  • Understand the available resources to prepare for the exam.
  • Master of the Texas Instruments TI-30XS Scientific Calculator.
  • Practice basic concepts and knowledge of chemistry and physics through Blueprint.
  • Recognize safety management theories.
  • Solve exposure assessment basic algebra and trigonometry to solve various safety problems
  • Apply industrial hygiene principles to anticipate, evaluate common health hazards.
  • Apply the basic math calculations needed to answer math problems.
  • Recognize legal and ethical challenges in the practice of safety and health.
  • Identify areas where additional preparation is needed.
  • Understand the appropriate methods to conduct effective HSE training and communication.
  • Design an individual study plan that ensures exam success with the support of the instructor.
  • Master competencies needed to pass the BCSP exam.



Associate Safety Professionals (ASP) are persons who perform at least 50% of professional-level safety duties including making worksite assessments to determine risks, potential hazards and controls, evaluating risks and hazard control measures, investigating incidents, maintaining and evaluating incident and loss records, and preparing emergency response plans. Other duties could include hazard recognition, fire protection, regulatory compliance, health hazard control, ergonomics, hazardous materials management, environmental protection, training, accident and incident, investigations, advising management, record keeping, emergency response, managing safety programs, product safety and/or security.

This exam prep workshop is ideal for EHS professionals looking to level up their career by becoming certified by the BCSP.

ASP Candidate Requirements:

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any field or an associate in safety, health, or the environment (SH&E).
  • Associate degree must include at least four courses with at least 12 semester hours of study in the SH&E domains covered in the ASP examination blueprint
  • At least 1 year of experience where safety is at least 50%, preventative, professional level with breadth and depth of safety duties.
All Premium Members will receive the followings:-
  • Be Safe’s ASP Handbooks.
  • TI-30XS Exam Approved Calculator by BCSP.
  • Guidance and support to complete your application on BCSP website.
  • Completion Certificate thought Be Safe LearnHUB.
  • 6 Months Premium Membership Subscription to Be Safe’s LearnHUB, Participants will have unlimited access to the following:-
    • Hundreds of questions covering all domains.
    • UNLIMITED access to ASP knowledge gap analysis.
    • 500+ Flashcards.
    • Online Quizzes
    • Attend Live & Recorded Webinars.
    • Final Exam Simulation
    • Personnel Dashboard to monitor your learning progress
    • Study Groups & Forums
  • Premium discount if needed to renew or extend the premium membership.
  • Guidance and support to complete your ASP application include your academic degree evaluation.
  • Suggested resources and study aids.
  • Guidance on areas where you need additional study.
  • Sessions are held two (2) times per week and last 3 – 4 hours each.
  • The sessions are conducted LIVE using ZOOM Application.
  • During the live workshop, participants will be expected to complete multiple-choice Assignments and read important references.

Online Workshops requirements:

You need the following:
  1. Laptop / at least 10″ Tablet.
  2. Smart Phone
  3. Fast & reliable Internet connection
  4. Camera.
  5. Block note + Pen
  6. Zoom Application
Be Safe Ltd. online workshops are powered by Zoom. Zoom applications fully support Windows, Mac OS X, and  It can run on iOS (iPads) and Android Tablets. For the best online learning experience, the use of a device with a larger screen is HIGHLY recommended. A physical keyboard is also recommended. Your Mobile & Laptop must be connected to the internet to participate in all the online activities which require using both devices.