ASP – Domain 4 | Fire Prevention and Protection

Domain 4 covers about 10.66% of the ASP Exam, which is equivalent to about 21 questions.

In this Domain You must have :

Knowledge of:

  1. Chemical (e.g., flash point and auto ignition)
  2. Electrical (e.g., static electricity, surge, arc flash, ground fault circuit interrupter, and grounding and bonding)
  3. Hot work (e.g., welding, cutting, and brazing)
  4. Combustible dust
  5. Fire science (e.g., fire pentagon, fire tetrahedron, upper and lower explosive limits)
  6. Detection systems
  7. Suppression systems, fire extinguishers, sprinkler types
  8. Segregation and separation (e.g., flammable materials storage and ventilation)
  9. Housekeeping

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