ASP – Domain 1 | Advanced Sciences and Math

Domain 1 covers about 11.55% of the ASP Exam, which is equivalent to about 23 questions.

To have Knowledge of:

  1. General chemistry concepts (e.g., nomenclature, balancing chemical equations, chemical reactions, ideal gas law, and pH)
  2. Electrical principles (e.g., Ohms law, power, impedance, energy, resistance, and circuits)
  3. Principles of radioactivity (e.g., radioactive decay, half-life, source strength, concentration, and inverse square law)
  4. Storage capacity calculations
  5. Rigging and load calculations
  6. Ventilation and system design
  7. Noise hazards.
  8. Climate and environmental conditions (e.g., Wet-bulb Globe Temperature [WBGT], wind chill, and heat stress)
  9. Fall protection calculations.
  10. General physics concepts (e.g., force, acceleration, velocity, momentum, and friction).
  11. Financial principles (e.g., cost-benefit analysis, cost of risk, life cycle cost, return on investment, and effects of losses).
  12. Descriptive statistics (e.g., central tendency, variability, and probability).
  13. Lagging indicators (e.g., incidence rates, lost time, and direct costs of incidents).
  14. Leading indicators (e.g., inspection frequency, safety interventions, employee performance evaluations, training frequency, near miss, near hit, and close-call reporting).

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